This Smart Trading Journal & Analytics Software Could Help You Double Your Trading Profits By Automatically Identifying What's Working and What's Not In Your Trading Strategies...

Our Turtle Tab software instantly tells you which strategies (and which setups, which pairs, which time-frames, which day of the week...) are working for you. So you can double down on them, and eliminate those that don't work.


Have you ever wondered what separates the losing traders from the top 1% that win big?

The answer is often less to do with the actual trades they place. Less to do with what happens DURING the trades…

And more to do with what they do BEFORE and AFTER they place their trades.

Think about it.

Let it sink in for a minute.

Frank and Paul are 2 concepts that I came up with to demonstrate this crucial difference between the 2 categories that us traders fall into.

Frank is a fan of “system hopping”.

You know what I mean. Jumping from system to system. Hoping that the next one would work. Not really understanding why this one doesn't.

Most months, Frank loses.

But Frank never writes down his trades. Never analyzes them. Never looks at them twice.

So when his net monthly profit is in the red, he doesn't understand what's broken. And you can't fix your strategy if you don't know which elements are not working, can you?

Sometimes Frank does win. Even when he wins, he still doesn't understand WHY he wins: What's working for him? What setups to focus on? What trading mistakes he should correct?

Many questions. No answers.

Frank is flying blind. Frustrated and burned out.

He doesn't know what to do. So he keeps looking for the magic bullet. Tries the next system that's coming out. And the next.

A vicious circle.

Paul is different.

Paul understands that trading is all about disciplined execution of a well-reasoned plan.

He doesn't want to rely on a lucky windfall. Which can't last in the long run.

Paul want to know exactly what's working for him… and what's not.

Specifically, he wants to know:

- What setups are working for him? And what setups are not?

- Which pairs give him the largest amount of profit? And which pairs are losing money?

- Which market conditions he should trade: Trending, Ranging, Choppy, News? And which market conditions he should avoid?

- Which time-frames he should trade? And which he should avoid?

- What day of the week is the best for his trading strategy?

And so on… You get the gist.

If you're a Paul... or if you're a Frank who's committed to becoming like Paul, here's the good news:

There’s a new trading tool that INSTANTLY analyzes your trades and tells you what’s working and what’s not. What to focus on and what to avoid.

I’d like to share the specifics with you. But only if you’re interested.

If you are, then read on...

But if none of this “floats your boat”, please close this page. No magic bullet here.

Anyway, here's what it's all about:

We've just put the finishing touch on our new trading software called Turtle Tab. That's the tool I alluded to previously.

And here's why it matters to you:

Turtle Tab is a smart trading journal software that could help you IMPROVE your performance...

But how?

By automatically identifying the hidden pattern among your winning trades... and... the hidden pattern among your losing trades.

Really... it's just a fancy way of saying: What do your winning trades have in common? And what do your losing trades have in common?

In other words, it tells you exactly what's working now... and... what's not working.

So you can double down on what's working. And correct the mistakes you've made in the past, so you can be more profitable.

For example, after I've entered some of my past trades into Turtle Tab software... here's the most common characteristics of my winning trades and the most common characteristics of my losing trades that Turtle Tab identifies for me:

With one quick glance at this dashboard, I know exactly what setups are working really well for me.

Specifically, I know that Strategy #2 is performing impeccably (with $8312.7 in profit).

I know that "Grade B" trades are the best-performing. I also know that these setups have been really good to me: Gartley and Butterfly and Bat

On the flip side... Turtle Tab also tells me that:

My trend-following trades suck, big time.

And I should avoid trading around news. And I should stay away from 1-hour time-frame.

What all this means is...

I no longer fly blind. Now I understand exactly what's going on with my trading. It tells me what set-ups that are most common among my winning trades, so I can solely focus on them. And it tells me what's responsible for my losing trades, so I can eliminate them from my trading.

Anyway, it's just a fraction of what Turtle Tab can do for you. I'll describe all the details about Turtle Tab further down this page.

But before we go on, let me show you how easy to get started with Turtle Tab:

You see, the problem with most trading journals is that they ask you to fill out too much information when you add a trade entry.

Unnecessary details like: Your mood, Estimated probability of success, Have you read your rules before placing the trade, etc...


Who has the time to fill all that in.

The result is... You feel overwhelmed, and end up not adding any trade entry at all.

Turtle Tab is different.

You add a trade entry by entering only 4 pieces of information: Entry date, Direction of your trade, Instrument, and Entry price.

And that's it.

Everything else is optional. It takes less than 1 minute to create a new trade entry.

Here's a short clip of me adding a new trade entry in literally seconds:


And... did you notice a cool feature that makes Turtle Tab very useful at analyzing your trading performance:

You can use TAGS to label your trades based on setups, market conditions, time-frames, and everything else you can think of...

The benefit of tagging your trades is... Later on, you can categorize your trades based on these tags and see what's working the best and worst.

For example, you can tag your trades with:

- Which strategy you use?

- Which setup you use to find this trade?

- Which pattern (Gartley, Crab, Pin Bar, etc...)?

- Which time-frame?

- Is this a breakout, trend-following, or reversal trade?

- Market condition when you enter the trade.

- You can grade the trade (grade A, B, C...) based on the quality of the setup.

And so on...

And of course, you can add your personal note about the trade.

And you can upload your trade photos, so you can review your trades later on.

Once you've entered a few trade entries, Turtle Tab will go to work, analyze your trades and show you what's working or what's not.

Let me show you all the features of Turtle Tab in detail:

First off, it shows you the most important metrics of your trading strategies. So you can evaluate your performance OBJECTIVELY

And then, it plots these beautiful charts showing 3 most important metrics (Win rate, Net Profit, and Cumulative Profit) month-on-month. So you track your progress over time.

And that's just for starters.

Next... Turtle Tab's gonna analyze your trades and identify the strength and weakness of your trading strategy, what's working NOW and what's not...

For example, if you're trading multiple strategies, Turtle Tab will tell you which strategy is performing best and which strategy is performing worst. So you can double down on the strategy that works and avoid the strategy that doesn't.

Just click Analyze on the app interface, and Turtle Tab's gonna do all the work for you, and show you this (and more...):

So in this example, Strategy #2 is working really well for you, generating a profit of $8,312... while Strategy #3 is doing terribly with a loss of $-1,471.

Next screenshot:

The software is telling you that Strategy #3 is doing terribly with a loss of $-1,471.

So... it's now clear what you need to do: Focus on Strategy #2... and... stop using Strategy #3.

No more fear. No more confusion. Now you've got confidence. And peace of mind!

And it keeps getting better...

You Can Dig Deep and Analyze The Metrics Of A Particular Setup (Or Timeframe, Pair, etc...) By Using The "Filter" Feature...

For example, now that you see that Strategy #2 is working really well, you may want to dig deeper and see the Win Rate, Total Profit, Average Win, etc... of all the trades associated with Strategy #2.

It's extremely easy to do. Just click on the Filter tab and enter "strategy #2". Here's a short clip of me doing it:


Now let me zoom in and show you Strategy 2's metrics in detail:

So... what did you notice?

From my perspective, Strategy 2's win rate is good: 56.13%... But the Average Profit / Average Loss of 0.91 is troubling. So if I could increase the size of my winning trades, this strategy would be performing even better.

See how easy it is to improve your performance once you know exactly the strength and weakness of your system?

Moving on...

Turtle Tab INSTANTLY identifies what your winning trades have in common, and what your losing trades have in common...

Just head over to the Analyze tab. Then click the "Analyze Winners" button and see what your winning trades have in common. Let me show you how:

For example, you can see that Monday and Friday have the largest number of winning trades. Or that the Crab pattern and Reversal type of trades are very common among your winners.

So you can double down... and analyze the metrics of these elements (Monday, Friday, Crab, Reversal). And from there, you'll easily understand what works best for you and focus on it.

Or... you can click the "Analyze Losers" button and see what your losing trades have in common. Like this:

And maybe Turtle Tab's coolest feature is:

The "Profit Forecaster" Feature...

Knowing how your trading strategies performed in the past is only half the equation.

Knowing where you're heading in the future is how you can anticipate & tackle potential issues that could hinder your performance.

And seeing that future is that much easier with Turtle Tab's FORECAST feature. Here's how it works:

Based on historical trends, Turtle Tab will try to predict your Win Rate, Average Return Per Trade, Average Win/Average Loss Ratio, and Monthly Net Profit in the next 12 months.

It's the only way to know if you're on track to meet your trading goals. Now you know exactly what steps you can take to boost your profits... what mistakes you can correct... and which aspects of your trading you can improve.

And Turtle Tab makes everything extremely easy. Just click on the Forecast tab... and the software will do all the work for you. Let me show you exactly how easy it is:

For example, in the example I've just shown you, I can see that my monthly profit is on an upward trend. Specifically, my forecasted profit for next month is $2,048... and $2,468 for the month after that. Coool!

And I can see that... Based on my past trading habits, the app predicts that my Average Win / Average Loss ratio will gradually increase. That's good news. Because it means that the size of my winners is getting larger, and the losses are becoming smaller:


And... Turtle Tab predicts that my Average Return Per Trade for next month will be $248. That means, I could expect a profit of $248 for each trade I put on.

So... let's say, if my goal for next month is $2,500 in net profit, I would need to find 10 trade setups that meet my trading rules. An easily achievable goal, isn't it?


But Turtle Tab also shows me that: My win rate is still going to be only around 53% for the next year. And that's the drawback of my overall trading strategy, an important aspect that I must improve.

Get A Lifetime License For $299:

Pricing is simple. You pay a one-time fee to use Turtle Tab forever.

It's easy to get started: Just click the big button below. After filling out your details on the next page, you'll get instant access to Turtle Tab. It's a hosted software, so there's nothing to download and install. You can start using Turtle Tab in 3 minutes :



Some details you need to know:

- Turtle Tab is a hosted app. There's nothing to install. After you purchase, you'll receive your log-in details. And you can get started in less than 3 minutes.

I'll see you inside,

P.S.  Have questions? Send me an email at support at turtletab dot com



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